Thursday, 3 January 2019

The Dam Busters 1955

A classic British film that is very effective at conveying the scientific research and development process in a captivating way.

The miniature work was supervised by George Blackwell and photographed by Gilbert Taylor who later was the cinematographer of Dr. Strangelove and Star Wars. The large miniature landscapes and Dam walls are impressive and there are some effective flying shots with model Lancasters.

George Blackwell and a model Lancaster.

The miniature Dam breaching is well done but it is unfortunate that the dam wall breach explosions are pasted over with a very unconvincing optically matted in patch of churning white water footage. I personally think that the fix rather draws attention to the fact that it is an effect and it would have been better to have just used the footage as it was. I prefer my miniature shots unadulterated by optical or even worse digital meddling.

There is also a nicely done miniature train sequence where the locomotive is washed out by the ensuing flood.

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