Thursday, 27 June 2019

Escape From Absolom aka No Escape 1994

This film shot in Australia used a Kamov KA-27 helicopter and a couple of shots feature a miniature version. The visual effects were handled by 4 Ward productions with Robert Skotak the visual effects supervisor and his brother Dennis Skotak the Director of photography. Jim towler was the miniatures supervisor with the miniature Kamov helicopter built by Larry Jolly.

Dennis Skotak shooting the miniature Kamov helicopter.

There was also a miniature monorail train which transports the prisoners to a miniature high security prison miniature situated in a desert.



Wednesday, 26 June 2019

License To Kill 1989

Not much in the way of miniature work in this film compared to other Bond films.
There is a foreground miniature of a large hatch in the ground opening up to allow a full size helicopter appear to land in an underground lair and a shot of a miniature pickup truck on fire narrowly missing a model Piper PA-18_150 Super Cub in flight.

 The visual effects were supervised by John Richardson.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Casino Royale 2006

Some really terrific miniature sequences in this movie, including a sinking Venetian building and a fictional prototype airliner known in the movie as the Skyfleet S570.

All the VFX including the miniature work was supervised by the very capable Steve Begg.

The impressive aircraft models are seen in a miniature hangar with groups of live action people composited into the shot. Pretty much everything in the shot bar the people is miniature. There is a completed aircraft miniature that is towed out of the hangar and one which remains in the hangar modeled as if still under construction and green in colour.

The "still under construction" model.


The distant flying aircraft seen in the background of the airport chase sequence are also surprisingly miniatures. In this case they were commercial model kits painted up with bright LED landing lights shot against black with a moving camera to simulate the motion. The police car that is tumbled about by the jet blast is a 1/12th scale miniature.

The sinking building is composited into live action plates in the wide shots but for the medium and close up shots its all miniature, shot in the Pinewood tank.

CG Aircraft, Miniature car.

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