This website is about the use and photography of model aircraft used to depict real and fantasy flying vehicles in visual effects shots for movies and in some cases television. It is an outlet for my fervent enthusiasm for and interest in the practice of miniature effects and is a sister site to modelshipsinthecinema.com which I have been working on sporadically since 2009.

It will be a similar attempt to cover every film I can find that has a model aircraft featured in it however briefly. It will more than likely fall short as I have little knowledge and access to non-english speaking films and I might miss a few others along the way. If you spot any films that I have neglected please let me know in the comments system.

Perhaps my earliest recollection of a flying vehicle was Supercar, one of the early Gerry Anderson television puppet programs made in 1962 but not shown in Australia until some years later. The marvelously designed vehicle of the title was capable of traveling in the air and under the sea and totally captivated my pre-school imagination. When flying in the sky it was accompanied by a rear projected background of live action aerial footage often with the support wires clearly visible which did not seem to bother my young mind a single bit. Nowdays of course I would cringe at seeing a wire in shot but that is one of the burdens of maturity.

Filmed dry behind a thin fish tank.

When covering films with model ships in them for the original site, there was a large contingent of that also had scenes with model aircraft. I don't intend to duplicate those films again here but will include links to the original modelships post in the indexes on the right side of the page. The intention is to cover each film once and it will be categorised according to which type gets the most screen time or is the dominant subject of the movie, Ships or Aircraft.

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